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About MHTL

The Microelectronics Heat Transfer Laboratory (MHTL) has a history going back to 1984 when a small research group within the Department of Mechanical Engineering was assembled to work on heat transfer projects for the telecommunications sector, most notably Bell Northern Research and Northern Telecom (later Nortel). Since its inception, the MHTL has collaborated with many of the leading microelectronics companies in North America, including IBM, Motorola, Siemens, Alcatel, to name a few.

Research projects typically involve MHTL faculty, staff and students working together to develop thermal solutions for industrial applications.

In certain instances, laboratory staff are available for smaller contract work such as material characterization or systems level testing.

Examples of current and recent research projects can be found in the Research section of these web pages.

For further information about the capabilities of the MHTL, please contact Rick Culham .