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30 inch Vacuum Chamber

Contact: 1. Pete Teertstra (519 888-4567 x35610 or Email)
   2. Rick Culham (519 888-4567 x33839 or Email)
Location: Engineering 3, Room 2133


Testing electronic equipment in a reduced pressure allows for two important scenarios in thermal measurement, i) simulated environmental conditions for high altitude operation and ii) microscale simulation through a change in density as opposed to working with extremely small scale test components.

The 30 inch diameter vacuum chamber can achieve vacuum pressures of 10-3 torr and can be used for both natural and forced flows. Possible projects include:

  • modelling and testing of electronics enclosures consisting of heated printed wiring boards
  • forced convection modelling and testing of fundamental body shapes used for circuit board analysis
  • radiation measurements
  • examine the transition between a continuum and rarefied gases