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Laser Flash Thermal Diffusivity Tester

Contact: 1. Steve Corbin (519 888-4567 x36132 or Email)
   2. Rick Culham (519 888-4567 x33839 or Email)
Location: Engineering 3, Room 2117


A laser flash thermal diffusivity tester overcomes the problems associated with steady state, guarded plate testing and provides an accurate, repeatable procedure for determining thermal properties in most material structures found in electronic applications.

The Netzsch LFA 427 is equipped with a furnace, which allows the thermal diffusivity to be measured over a range of ranging from 0.001 to 10 cm2/s and as a function of temperature between 0 - 1500 C. The thermal conductivity of disk-shaped samples of ceramic, glass, metals, melts and liquids, powders, fibers and multi-layer materials ranging from vacuum insulation panels to diamonds can be determined by taking the product of thermal diffusivity, density and specific heat.

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