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ME481, Mechanical Engineering Design Project

ME481 is intended to reinforce the concepts learned in ME 380, the Mechanical Engineering Design Workshop course offered in 3B. Students are required to work individually or in small groups, applying the principles of engineering design and problem-solving to a design project of their own choosing.

All Mechanical Engineering professors are normally expected to participate in supervising of ME 481 projects, and each student (or group) is supervised by a faculty member assigned to serve as a faculty resource and to provide guidance. Projects are selected, approved, monitored and marked by a course coordinator, in consultation with each faculty supervisor. [Offered: F, S]

A list of course guidelines and a project list are available on the Mechanical Engineering web page.

The following is a list of ME481 projects available under my supervision:

  1. no projects are available at this time

In addition to the projects listed above, students are invited to suggest potential projects for ME481.