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Undergraduate Courses

ME 201: Advanced Calculus

Term: 2A, Mechanical Engineering
Next Offering: Winter 2006
Schedule: M-8:30, W-9:30, F-9:30
Location: DWE 2527
Course Description: A continuation of 1st year calculus, focusing on calculus of scalar and vector functions of several variables. Both classical calculus techniques and the computer implementation of numerical methods are discussed. Partial differentiation, total derivatives, chain rule, transformation of variables and Taylor series are discussed. Applications include geometrical problems, error estimation, maxima and minima, and least squares curve fits. Multiple integration in standard coordinate systems vector calculus, divergence, curl, Laplacians, and Stoke's, Greens and the divergence theorems are explained and demonstrated by examples.


ME354: Thermodynamics 2

Term: 3A, Mechanical Engineering
Next Offering: Winter 2006
Schedule: M-11:30, W-11:30, F-11:30
Location: CPH 2387
Course Description: Emphasis on applications of thermodynamics to flow processes. Real fluids, evaluation of state functions of real fluids. Non-reacting mixtures, reacting mixtures, equilibrium considerations.


ECE 309: Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Term: 3A, Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering
Next Offering: Spring 2006 (Mechatronics)
Schedule: to be announced
Course Description: A macroscopic approach to energy analysis will be used to examine energy transfer in the forms of work and heat. A control mass and control volume approach will be used to study the first and second laws of thermodynamics. These laws will be used to assess thermodynamic systems, such as the Carnot heat engine. In addition, the three principal modes of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation will be studied for both steady state and transient analyses. Several applications of heat transfer in microelectronics cooling will be presented.